Ideas are easy. Implementation is tough!

We create brand stories, by helping to deliver on your brand promise.

Your executed environment, becomes a showcase, beautiful to look at which connects to your customers, thus building brand loyalty.

About Us

Eye Candy Visuals has been at the forefront of enhancing retail brand awareness for our customers, excelling in all aspects of branding, execution and logistical support.

We help execute;

  • Store Window Roll-outs
  • FSUs and Fixtures
  • Kiosks & Pop-ups
  • Large Space Graphics

Working out of our 22,000 sq. ft. facility in Faridabad (NCR), our team of 45+ which includes graphic designers, carpentars, painters, acrylic signage makers and more, we ensure we deliver the best!

What We Do…

Store Window Roll-outs

We help brands with their seasonal campaigns, rolling out their store windows Pan India. From large format graphics to 3D props and displays.

FSUs & Fixtures

With in-house carpentary and paint infrastructure, we work closely with brands on their fixture requirements.

Kiosks & Pop-ups

Special marketing efforts call for innovative structures, that’s where we come in.

Large Space Graphics

Fabrics printed on our 10’ UV machine are vibrant, colourful and non-toxic

Our Work


Ritu Kumar


The White Crow

US Polo

Vero Moda


D' Decor












Under Armour






Our Clients

The Team

Arjun Nanda


Arjun is BIG boss, nobody knows his mood when he gets into office, not even he, himself. He is anal to the next level about giving quality to clients.

Varun Bahl

Head – Sales

Varun is a team player to the core and a true blue Punjabi, ever ready for beer and butter chicken with the clients (except Tuesdays mind it!).

Nitish Kumar

Head – Accounts

Nitish is a jack of all, handles accounts, clients and office admin… but when he is angry – everyone stays out of his way, and that means EVERYONE!

Jai Lanba

Head – Production

Jai is the ‘chill’ guy in office, and every couple of months jets off to Goa to rejuvenate. We are so jealous of him.

Rohini Mehta

Head – Procurement

Rohini is the most hard working person in the office and the most stressed out. If you are one of our suppliers, then rest assured, you will be badgered for competitive pricing.


Head – Printing

Raju is a Modi fan and the ‘Naradmuni’ in the office – loves to play pranks and create a ruckus. But when it comes to work, he is bang on.



Rajendra is the silent worker, but his smile says it all. When something goes well, he has the brightest, broadest smile in the entire office.



Wasim is the one guy who causes the most confusion but also tries to rectify the situation. Loved by clients for his never say die attitude, he can be quite a headache at times 🙂


3D Design

Deepanshu is the kid in our office who waddles around looking lost, but comes up with quick 3d layouts and designs when needed.

Javed Miandad

Manager – Sales

Javed is a loyalist to Varun, if anyone gets aggro with Varun, they need to go through a wall called Javed.

Pankaj Pal

Manager – Accounts

Pankaj is the second kid in our team, who quietly works and distributes shy smiles whencomplimented on his work.


Manager – Technical

Rajkumar is the ‘tech’ guy in the team- whenever we get a really really mind bending project, he is always seeked out for his advice.


Contact Us

We can be reached at any of the numbers given below, or feel free to drop in
for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee at our facility in Faridabad.